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A writer on holiday

Photo copyright:J S Brand
Photo copyright:J S Brand

Sometimes one will come across a companion when dining. Today that occurred. I was enjoying my morning coffee, sat in a cafe with my feet up when a girl walked in. Nothing unusual, I hear you say. Well perhaps. But if you could have seen her. Head held high, her dress filthy, whilst her hair was thick with river mud and tangled with flotsam. But she entered the cafe as if she had not a care in the world. But I saw the torn nails and blood stained legs. ‘Would I buy her a drink’.

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    1. Thank you Rochelle, I will correct ‘dinning’. In my defence at the time I was writing and posting this story, I had very limited time available to access the Internet to post my story… Unfortunately ‘was sat’ shows my rural roots. I have now rephrased that also. and in so doing reduced my word count. Thank you again Rochelle. Mike

    1. Thank you Lynn, A writer must always listen. Occasionally that’s how stories start. She was running from a rival tribe, who wanted to abduct her, she took to the river to escape them.

    1. Thank you so much Penny, I think you are right about it being the start for a novel. In fact as I write this comment, I have started to see how I might incorporate some part of the story into another novella that I am planning. Thank you again. Mike

  1. Like Penny said, a woman of great courage. Definitely in need of a good meal, maybe a hot bath and a little pampering to boot. Maybe even a pollyanna story just beginning… Love it!

    1. Jelli, I hope you are feeling much better. I am glad that you enjoyed this story, Penny’s comment has sparked an idea in my mind as to how I might incorporate some of this piece of flash into a novella that I am planning to write. Thank you once again for commenting, it is appreciated. Mike

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