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A Bike for Holly

Photo Copyright Peter Abbey
Photo Copyright Peter Abbey

Softened by wood and green lichen it might be, but the bridge was no path to freedom.  Yes there was the presence of nettles and leaf covered shrubbery at each end, but in reality each estate was just as grim as the other. On the two estates gangs ran riot, unemployment was the norm and drug use was common. The bridge just linked one hell with another.

Tony’s motor bike had a broken silencer, everyone knew when he was out and about. His job as a gang courier gave him some freedom till the day he was shot. Now Holly rides his bike.

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    1. Thank you Michael, I was fortunate the motorbike section arrived from being assaulted by the sound of a broken motorbike silencer on the morning that I wrote about Holly. I do enjoy being able to incorporate the events that occur around me. But I did hope that Billy might regain his sight, man up and take down the Werewolf.

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