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Though the Lens

Photo curtsy of Susan Spaulding
Photo curtsy of Susan Spaulding

The heat wave was relentless, never had the water buffalo and her calf suffered so. All their favourite mud wallows had dried out, their once soft mud was now as hard as iron. Maya kept her tail swinging, but the flies where relentless in their determination to torture her. As for Maya’s calf, it was struggling to see, so thick where the insects surrounding its eyes.

Maya decided that there was only one option left. They had to return to the farm, even if it meant once again pulling carts and ploughs. It was frustrating having to return to the village, with its small business and farms. As Maya and her calf walked between the collection of buildings, a profound silence greeted them.

So Maya moved on, to a once familiar route. Down a rift into a creek between ancient trees. Untill at last the pair were deep in warm brackish water. Bliss at last. The humans had their siesta and now at last Maya and her calf had relief from the tormenting insects.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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