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F2F41459-2041-4AB3-9CEC-45753FC29272 photo prompt by Jean L Hays…

I have been out hunting for some luxuries. An apple came my way. I should return to the bothy, but I want to check the bins in the village. I found rich pickings yesterday, some discarded fish and chips.

Satisfied, I return home. I risk a small fire to heat water. My old bones would relish a little tea, but hot water and mint will do. When the candle stub gutters in the draft and dies, I think of sleep. Tomorrow I might visit the public washhouse for a bath. Those old nets glitter in the moonlight. Beautiful.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. Very nicely done, Michael. Incidentally, every time I see that photo of you working on your computer I marvel at your spine’s ability to cope with that posture. 🙂 Mine wouldn’t.

    1. The human spine is an amazing piece of art but it has its faults. Mine’s like a well worn spade or camera, treasured yet troublesome. No rock climbing or bungee jumps for me these days. Sandra it is good these days to enjoy the finer things like photography and gardening.

  2. You’ve written a good story, Michael, that makes me realise how privileged I am. Your detailed description of his pleasures and comforts gives your story the ring of truth.

    1. I think that to find beauty in ones surroundings helps in any difficult time. However when I look at war torn places like Syria I wonder how I would cope if I was living in such places. I am grateful for your candor.

  3. This is one of the most mood-driven pieces of yours that I can remember. Lots of atmosphere. Your MC is so likeable just because he’s content.

  4. Beautiful writing, Michael. Old people should not live in such poverty, but his contentment with the little things and love of beauty makes him so endearing.

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