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Albatross is Next

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As Storm gained the cavernous sink hole that had once carried melt water deep underground, she switched back into her human form, except for her genetically modified alternative eye sight. Ahead of her was a badly worn staircase, which once had allowed teams of workers access to the underground mining town of Albatross.
Storm had hoped that the defunct twenty-first century lighting system might have decayed. It seemed she was out of luck, at least a quarter of the lights were still functioning, their deep orange glow reflecting off the descending machine cut walls. As Storm set out on her decent to the Force companies first long term labour camp, she found herself recalling the history of Albatross. The mining town of Albatross had been all about repression and exile. After four hours of descend, Storm arrived at a half way station called Staithes, its long row of houses lay abandoned. Yet the stations welcome sign worked.

Its message below two alternative images of Storm, read:
If you see the renegade Storm, contact Force Headquarters. Do not approach her: Do not let her know that you have seen her. She is a major enemy of the state.


The sad news that Alastair is stepping down from running the Sunday Photo Fiction site has reminded me how much I enjoy the challenges of various Flash Fiction sites.

Due to having lost my password, I am unable to comment or use the ‘like button’, I will however read all the posts.

I am sorry that at present my lack of computing skills, prevents me offering links to previous posts about Storm.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. Interesting twist on the plot. I like the shape-changing seagull, or rather Storm. I was a bit confused at the abrupt ending, left wondering just what was going on.

    1. I am sorry athling about the abrupt ending, not one of my better offerings. Storm’s story really needs to many words for flash fiction. I have now set up a writing site so that I might progress her story, plus a second story. Both of which are dominating my writing thoughts at the present time. Mike

  2. Sometimes our stories are greater than the word count allowed. It sounds like Storm may have many adventures in store for her. Should be interesting reading. Good luck!

  3. Now let’s see how Storm overcomes this latest challenge thrown up by the evil Force organization. And all the best to you too Michael, for overcoming these challenges thrown up by evil computers. As a great man or woman once said- To err is human, but to really fu$& things up, you need a computer.

  4. I enjoyed reading about Storm. Somehow though, I think she is more the heroine… even though I haven’t read the rest of her story… anyone that is wanted that much by the ‘state’ probably has a very good back story. If you like flash fiction prompts you might enjoy Carrot Ranch – though the word limit is 99 words no more no less. That link is here: I’ve been with CR for about four years.
    I have another site you also might enjoy (you can email me for that if you want it).

    Be well and I hope you can create a new password.

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