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My Trade? A Gardener?

Photo copyright: shivamt25
photo copyright: shivamt25

You might have thought that I am a gardener, but you would be wrong. In fact no one in the family has the necessary  patience or skill to be a gardener. So why am I sitting here looking pleased as punch, with a row of potted flowers in front of me. Well it is a convoluted story, but I will try to bring enlightenment to what is in reality, a dark tale.

I was born in 1948 and grew up in poverty. My parents had little money and food was always short. But love was not. They sacrificed every thing in a attempt to give me a good education. In the end I went to my nations top university. Now I head up one of the countries top experimental laboratories. Money is no problem, as long as I succeed. I always thought that my work would serve humanity. But now I understand my folly. For the gene that I transferred into the rice plant, has caused a horrific mutation. Now the whole world starves. Only flowers thrive.

Switching on the camera
If all we had to eat was nettles and thistles., at least we might see beauty!
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