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River Song

Photo prompt provided by Bill Reynolds

Jasper knew his place in the world, he might be a one eyed, but no one messed with him. Yes he held his head at a slight angle making him look cute. However if you noted his upright ears you realised he was always alert… Ready to react… The night was pitch black. The owl grumpy due to hunger, watched as Jasper’s partner cast a net. Could trout might be on the menu tonight. Deep in the forest a twig snapped. The owl sounded the alarm, Jasper nudged his companion. They slipped quietly away, leaving a treat for the owl.

I am late posting due to a problematic week. Robbie my dog has been rather unwell, whilst my original post to FF failed.
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  1. Dear Michael,

    Aw, really sweet story. Glad they left something for the owl. I hope your dog is on the mend. Our four-legged family members are very important. Glad you were able to post.



  2. I hate to hear about pet issues. I hope Robbie is feeling better. My mom used to have a Jasper, but she spelled it Jazpur. One couldn’t ask for a better fishing buddy.

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