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Yiva: The Scandinavian Long House

Karr liked being the elder of the long house, and he knew what to expect as late autumn arrived, but even he with his long memory was surprised by the sheer volume of snow that had fallen over the plains of Neuk. At least the captive in the keeping place would be warm. Lord Einar would not be pleased if Karr allowed her to die before he arrived to interrogate her. Karr had not looked for the duty of jailer, but when Einar told you to do something you did not argue, for Einar had the backing of Karl Arric. If you did not do as asked by Einar, he would make sure that you took the place of whatever duty you denied him. At least Einar had offered payment and a generous payment of gold it was, but that in it’s self worried Karr.

Because of the gold that had changed hands Karr would keep Yiva incarcerated in a cage concealed under his bed. She might as well be shackled to him, but Einar did not want anyone to know where she was being held. Karr wondered whether Einar intended to kill her, if he did it was a shame, for the more Karr watched his captive the more he realised that she was something special. She had a strange kind of magnetic beauty, Karr wondered if she had refused to lay with Einar, perhaps he Karr should break her in. Then again if Einar wanted her, he would not want her soiled. She would have to wait until Karr knew what was intended for her. Well he would wait for he usually found away to get what he wanted.

Yiva saw the look in Karr’s eyes, she had seen that type of look before, well her jailer had better watch out, if he tried anything she would …

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