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Untold Fear

As dusk fell a church faded into the scenery. Dark fingered branches wrapped gracefully around its frame until only the tip of its spire remained visible. Whilst across the valley windows began to glow in metal clad ex army Nissan hut, as bonded workers returned to their dormitories.

The dark outline of leafless trees hugged the ragged hill tops as a deserted train pulled into an equally deserted railway station, its neglected canopy sprouting gaps like the toothless grin of a young child. Low in a silver sky the jet black clouds spoke volumes of what was to come. Nearby the faint outline of an electric sub station receded into darkness, whilst a dog broke the silence with its barking.

As Tanga prepared to close the steel shutters to his window he noticed a wire thin crescent moon and the pillar of smoke emanating from the nearby processing factory. Two red lights seemed to wink at him from a factory radio mast. They threw a faint coloured trace onto rusty railway track, it was as if humanities blood was draining away into the abyss. A profound silence was settling over the landscape as people burrowed into the planets core, already many nations near the planets poles had been encased in a thick layer of ice.

Sirens blared their warnings as a dense heavy fog started to settle across any ice free land. Visibility which had been difficult for months dropped almost to nothing as Tanga slammed the shutters closed then headed for a trap door which gave access to a vertical shaft and a lift which would carry him down nearly a kilometre. Around the now abandoned factory untold numbers of animals and insects fought to find shelter. In the oceans many life forms died as the surface turned into ice crystals and then solidified.

As the lift carried Tanga downwards he cried for a lost way of life, so much had had to be left behind …

The world was slowly cooling as its sun failed.


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