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Banter with Henrietta

I assure you that Henrietta loves chattering. A chatterbox Henrietta may be, but she also makes great coffee. I first met Henrietta six months ago, her infectious smile had me hooked from the moment she landed in my lap, as she attempted not to spill a latte over me. I assured her that I was all man, and that she did not have to sit on my lap to find that out. She laughed, then standing planted a kiss on my forehead. If only I was fifty years younger.

I am a long term fan of the cafe culture, but when that culture is mixed with wit and great conversation I am in heaven. Add coffee to the mix and what is there not to like. But I digress, as usual I am sat at window table and my faithful friend Robbie who has stretched out on the floor between the chairs is the cause of Henrietta’s stumble. Of course I would like to think that she had manipulated the situation, but no such luck.

I allow my eyes to rove around the cafe, for there is a good crowd in today. However at the table next to me pair of South African ladies takes my interest. I am not slow at coming forward. For they have a story to tell.

Maybe it is arrogant of me, but soon I am with them in the South African savannah. A pair of hunting dogs are wrestling with the long grass. They had been stalking a pride, but had lost contact with the family of lions. However the matriarch of the pride had them in her sight. You see hunting is a two way game and matriarch is very adept at providing for clubs. Whilst T & S decided it was time to relax, I savored my coffee and wondered how things would work out. I need not have worried for S has pups of her own. Relaxed as she was she still picked up the scent of an antelope. The matriarch watched as the pair of dogs brought down the antelope, then she made her move. Getting the pride on the move and setting them on a collision course with the dogs. Adaption to any situation was also Henrietta mantra.

For a brief moment the two dogs stood their ground, but the overwhelming numbers and strength of the pride told in the end. T & S watched from afar as the antelope was devoured. As for myself I remained sitting quietly on my favourite bluff. You see an old timer like myself, never gives up hope of mating. However today I will have to make do with coffee, for Henrietta smiled as she eyed up a new guy on the block.

Moral of this story might be that [the matriarch is Henrietta]

I was sat minding my p’s and q’s, when Madeleine spotted me. Now I have known Madeleine for very many years, she was once a pretty little thing. However time has not been kind to her. But then is time kind to anyone? Madeleine entered the cafe wrapped in a faded old blue Mac, waving her walking stick. As she planted herself next to me I heard a faint plea for coffee. Now Madeleine’s antics are well known to Henrietta, sadly Madeleine antics are bad for trade. However both I and Henrietta know that but for the grace of god, either or both of us could have ended up like Madeleine. So following a thoughtful smile Henrietta took my order on behalf of Madeleine who was now sat quietly. When the latte arrived I swear that I saw tears in Madeleine eyes as she studied the patterns etched into the froth.

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