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Jum’s Fever: Yiva. Chapter 3

Jum’s jet black curly hair, spiky by nature, was today so bedraggled, even still she looked like someone who enjoyed having fun, but  Dom knew better then to confront Jum, for she had a kick like a mule. The climb up the black river rift had been hard, now they had to battle the ever shifting snow. To Dom and most of his team the cloying waist deep snow was just another nightmare, but to Jum the snow was heaven sent. She put her head down and drove on following Dom and allowing the cold snow to cool her fever. She knew that at present Dom’s task was getting harder by the hour, for Carlson’s trail was fading, being slowly obliterated as the wind grew in strength.

She knew that soon Dom would call for a brief halt, for he understood that she had the best ability to find Carlson’s trail, her intuition rarely failed, she seemed to have a telepathic link to Carlson. Yet Dom felt reluctant to call upon Jum for he knew how much strength she and Carlson had used to  bring down the cliff face which had closed the pathway between his companions and the black wolfs.  The fever which had threatened to over power her since they fought together at Gor Scar had broken free two nights back, as she and Carlson smashed open the gates which had blocked their entry to the black river rift. Dom knew that the fever was effecting her badly, but he needed her to guide them now. He called for a halt, and looked towards Jum, Carlson would need their warmth if he was to survive the coming artic night. Dom had seen what happened to normal humans if they where left to the mercy of the long artic night.

Carlson had used his strength to forge ahead, he knew that Jum would be able to protect Dom and the others, but Carlson now feared for Viya’s safety. Once Arric knew that Carlson had escaped his hunting pack, Arric would know that not even the black wolfs would struggle stop Carlson gaining the plains of Kir. Arric would fear Carlson setting Yiva free. For Viya had seen the secrets of Craket and that gave her the power to become a high priestess. And a power that one day might growth to match that of the Ice Queen.

Karr being the keeper of a long house had thought that he knew what to expect as late autumn arrived, but even he with his long memory was surprised by the sheer column of snow that had fallen over the plains of Kri. The young girl he held captive on behalf of Lord Einar would be going nowhere in this weather. Karr had not looked for this duty but when Einar who had the ear of King Arric told you to something, you did as you were told. If you did not then you took the place of the duty asked for. At least Einar had offered payment and good payment in gold it was. So Karr would keep the girl known as Viya under lock and key, in the pit. A place usually reserved for prisoners or wild dogs awaiting dispatch to Odin.

Karr wondered if Einar or perhaps Arric intended to dispatch Viya, if they did it would be a shame, for the more he watched her the more he realised that she was something special. Yes she had a kind of beauty which made him wonder if she had refused to lay with Einar or Arric. Perhaps he should break her in, then again if either of them wanted her in that way they would not want her soiled by him. Pity, well he could wait awhile longer, for the kitchen maid would warm his bed this Autumn. He would bide his time, and take his chance when he knew what Einar intended for the girl.

Viya saw the look in Karr’s eyes, she had seen that look many times, well Karr had better watch out, she knew he was vassal of Einar, but if he tried anything she would be ready. She had not wasted her time whilst trapped in this hell hole, she had honed a fine needle out of a splinter of wood, and she would drive it between is ribs if needed.

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