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Testimony from the People of the Jaguar

I Tzacab saw Cizin come out of Matil, her dress was the colour of the sky, she hung in the air, and sent for tribute. The priests feared her but the God of the sun told them to pay homage. But they might as well have gone to Xibalba, for Cizin sent out serpents who floated in a blue cloud, these serpents ate those who fell before them. So the god of the sun sent sacrificial offerings, but Cizin’s serpents would not stop devouring us. So  the people called for Nacon and he was sent for, but he fell with the warriors who fought alongside him. The people called for Gucumatz who sent her son and he gathered the few of us left alive and carried us away. Now we live in fear at the cold gates to the nether world, and talk with the Stone Man.

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