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Testimony from Alexandria

If you can read this then my work has been worthwhile, for dear reader I was at Alexandria when the spawn of Adrasteia arrived, I was the one sent by Sostratus of Canidus to carry his plans for the lighthouse from his home in the hills to the library at Alexandria. I had stopped for a call of nature, when I saw her, her that we now call Adrasteia come of the mist. Like so many sand camel trains that once called at Alexandria she settled at the great dock. I shall always remember the iridescent blue, and the officials lining up on the dock to greet her as if she was a goddess. I admit I was mesmerised, I must have stood or sat for some length of time looking at her beauty. For the early morning mist had completely gone. I even found myself smiling when Adrasteia started to produce her own mist, a mist of a deep blue to match the colour of her skin. But then I saw the strange beings that floated forth from her belly. They were like giant worms, but worms with fins that swam in her blue mist. Then I  became aware that people were kneeling then falling when the mist reached them, and that these strange beings seemed to be harvesting the fallen people, yes I saw it as harvesting. Then I turned and ran, ran for my life. What happened next was recorded by myself in the annuals of Stone Age Man. Inscribed in stone, for the papyrus plant is long gone, gone with all that grew on the vast land that was once Egypt.

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