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Travelling in the void

Photo prompt curtsy of Roger Bultot
Photo prompt provided by Roger Bultot

He found himself under a umbrella of warm sunlight. His whole being was bathed in its warmth. As he scanned the building around him, he saw humans fleeing. His first thought was to grumble, for after waking from centuries of sleep, to be surrounded by hundreds of beings looking like Jelmelda, that made him edgy. But the plentiful supplies of energy rich electricity calmed him. As he drank the nectar which would allow him to leave, he pondered what to do with Jelmelda and Omo. Leave them or take them, it was all the same to him. But Jelmelda was human…

Footnote: I struggled with this photo prompt, so the above flash story ‘Travelling in the Void’ is a snippet taken from my file of started but not finished novellas…

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. A nice little taster, Michael. It’s good to have a back catalogue, even if it is largely unfinished. I frequently visit my store of unfinished business to see if I can spark one into life.

  2. Interesting story. Time will come when others need to decide what fate should await “humans”. Scary indeed.
    Best wishes for your novellas. May you complete them all.
    Life is short and we have so many unfinished stories to complete!

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