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Thinking Aloud

Photo copyright: Sandra Crook
Photo copyright: Sandra Crook

I am just thinking aloud, Josh what if everything is not as it seems. When the storm broke last night I heard and saw the strangest thing. It was as if there was a loop in time. A huge rumbling beast, the like of which I have never seen before, it just pushed its way in through what was the front door.

You cheeky bugger, I never did. Anyway you had most of the poitin, and not only that, you stole my girl. As for those baked beans, I know they give me wind, but it’s never that explosive.

Footnote: Poitin is a traditional Irish distilled alcoholic drink, it could be quite potent. The last time I remember trying it, the three story Victorian house was vibrating, nay shaking, as all it’s inhabitants danced a rather over the top Ceili.

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    1. It can be rather potent. I usually preferred Guinness, but it must have been brewed in Dublin. However I never turned down a free drink from my Irish friends. I would have been rude.

  1. Methinks ’tis a potion to be kept away from young adult males! They so like the effect of beans…add pottin to the mix… You had melaughing.

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