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The Troupe.

The troupe came over the hills under my guidance, singers, musicians, and acrobat’s, my friend Dom was our guide. He knew these troubled lands well. So we avoided the black wolf clan and reached Einar’s house safely. None knew our real purpose. That night Karr laughed and relaxed, just as I had intended. The food and mead flowed freely and contentment filled the longhouse.

The first part of my plan complete I introduced Acitore. Her dance reached all, and as they laughed they drank of her special mead; even the three who stood guard. Soon all slept. I was tempted to part Karr from his head but Dom said not. So we bound Karr and all his household, then pulled up the floor. The cage that held Viya was empty. It seemed that our mission had failed, but I would take Karr, when he woke he would talk

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    1. This Dom started of life a shape-shifter how had taken the form of a reindeer. My first two full length novels which lay abandoned in a draw employed several creatures with this magical ability.

      1. My Dom started as a spiritual cynic friend. I have seen this approach in many people and used it to address many prompts here.
        Thanks for the interaction … my curiosity is piqued … 🙂

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