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Storm mulls over what she knows.

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The three original entrances to Diamond had been created by Force, when the company set up its first Hydroelectric power plant. At that time they had used several existing entrances to underground waterfalls, but that was centuries ago. Over time the Force company had grown and now dominated earth. Force had gone on to create a vast network of mines linked by canals and supported by closed underground towns. Force had developed an subterranean world that mirrored the surface of twenty second century earth. With out the telepathic link to Issy there would be no hope of ever finding her. But find Issy she must before Force sent Issy to work at the volcanic heat pump plant. For the link between Storm and Issy was more than telepathic, it was total. What one felt the other experienced. The Force organisation had grown strong over the centuries using these genetically developed link. Now Force had created a new form of psychic power, and now wanted rid of thinking compassionate individuals like Storm and Issy.

Michael Humphris.

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  1. Seems like you’ve got a lot of cool world-building in here, that maybe it’s part of a much larger story — interesting! But I’ll confess that I’m a bit confused about what’s happening and who’s who…

  2. Love the idea of an identical world operating underground. Force sounds like a force to be reckoned with. Suggestion – In the sentence without the telepathic connection to Issy – change the second Issy to her. Three Issy’s in close succession sounds clunky and repetitious (to me at least). Good story and will look forward to reading the full story.

  3. Ominous. There are a couple of typos that you might want to look at Michael. For example, in the line starting with ‘Without’, there is an extra ‘out’ following it immediately.

    1. Hi yarnspinnerr, I did set out this Wednesday to write about Storm and Issy. My idea being about being watched by the camera. But I felt guilty writing a sequel. However I have just commissioned a new web site, where I plan to compile two novels, one of which hopefully will be about the Force’s treatment of Storm and Issy.

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