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I feel your touch

Photo prompt curtsy of: J S Brand
Photo prompt curtsy of: J S Brand

I feel your touch. I may not have sight but I trust you. I desire that those who can see me, know something about earth’s past. We may have to live out our lives in the mines, since the aliens arrived. They may have blinded us and driven us underground, but our children see… I feel your touch my love. I trust your hands. Go ahead and tattoo all over on my skin. Despite your sightless eyes my love. I crave forests with leaves and colourful blossom. That the children may see and know trees.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. I was pleased to read your feedback Neil as it was a trusting relationship which took over this piece of flash. With hindsight if I had given myself more time, I might have gone down a environmental disaster route rather then an alien invasion

  1. Such a sweet piece & so tragic that humans are stuck in the dank underground mines for the aliens. Being without Nature and sunlight would drive me crazy! I love the hens though about his lover and her touch, tattooing his skin with nature and his memmories of it. Well written!

  2. Dear Michael,

    I love the voice and the sentiment in this piece. Nicely done.



    PS I have to be the grammar police on this one. Life’s should be lives. (Life’s is possessive not plural)

  3. Glad you caught the grammar mistake, Rochelle. I always feel bad about pointing them out 🙂

    The emotion, sadness, nostalgia literally drenches this piece. Excellent writing.

    1. Grammar has always been one of my two Achilles heels. Do let me know about any mistakes. I usual print my flash post after a couple of months, and then I am frustrated at the mistakes I notice at that piont in time. Thank you granonine for taking the time to comment and for your support.

      1. Oh, I’ve decided to leave your grammar alone now, Michael 😉
        For your information, there is a site called “Grammarly” that you could use. It is very good…

        1. Please Dale do not fear about letting me know about grammar mistakes. I have ‘never’ been able to understand the rules of grammar. I am now going to look at the site you recommend. Thank you Dale

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