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The Library

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Photo copyright:Shaktiki Sharma.

I am hungry for knowledge, so I will wait for you to leave.

Nothing will remain when I am finished.


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  1. This is a funny story. Both in its brevity and its content. I assume he’s eating the books and therefore hungry for knowledge? I think you should get the award for the shortest FF story. Well done. Awesome story.

  2. I like that idea – greedily devouring knowledge until there is none left for anyone else. Good choice, to keep it short, Michael – all the more powerful for it

  3. Yes! I’ve read the comments. I love my words, but I do find that when I splice and dice that the meaning is so much sharper. This is lovely!
    (My dog believes in chewing up knowledge too, btw.)

    1. I was lucky this time, perhaps my old age is slowing down the flow of words in my brain . PS, I smiled broadly when I read ‘The Dectective’ I loved the images that you created with this story.

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