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The Broken Hill Gang

Photo prompt curtsy of Sandra Crook

Clive was not intent on creating trouble, but he was always found in the centre of every battle the Broken Hill gang fought. Being the oldest and tallest, he naturally considered himself the leader of what was a thoroughly mixed up group of individuals. Trouble seemed to follow each and every gang ~member. However today we had to decide what to do about the Brown twins. Their snot covered faces and blooded knees proved that they had completed our acceptance rituals. Did we really wish to allow them in, for the smell of another gang travelled in their wake.

Before the hill was broken
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  1. Trouble does seem to breed trouble. It’s interesting to me that the leader of this troubled gang is wise enough to recognize the risk. I’m wondering if the risk is balanced by the rewards.

  2. Hmm … that’s a deep question. Who knows whether they are true … or Trojan ..? Then again, being the tallest, the leader bears both the decision and its consequences … 😉

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