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The river that smoked saved us from Arebati’s daughter.

The daughter of Arebati turned against us, perhaps because we had tried to steal  the fire. The day she arrived was the end for my people. She was the mother of all the Negoogunogumbar’s, and they ate the children of Arebati. I was supposed to be out gathering honey but I had gone to the smoking river and entered his mouth, with my betrothed. When we saw the trees falling and the air change colour, we hid behind the smoking water. Then we saw Obrigwabibikiva collecting the fallen trees and the sleeping people. So we climbed up behind the water that smoked and slept. When we woke the next day, only we lived. All was gone, no trees and no spirit people. We travelled down river but came across no one. Silence ruled the lands of my people. When the eagle came for us, we would have hidden but there was no-where to hide. The eagle says that the trees will come again but until then, we must stay with the Stone Man.

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