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When the storm arrived few foresaw the chaos it would cause. One insignificant plastic bag was picked up and carried on the wind until it came up against an immovable object. In this case, a taut steel cable. The bag…

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When Storm had entered the underground world of Diamond, she had passed the caged ones. Now she found herself wondering how long they would sit. Watching but not awake. Would they again be used in battle. The last time Force…

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Who looks up these days, not so many, it seems. As it used not to be allowed. There were cameras everywhere, watching, even in the underground worlds of Diamond and Painite. Only a few of us had the invisibility gene.…

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The Link

It has always been present I believe, however I have only seen it at work twice. The scientists of the twentieth century discovered what I now see as the Link. Happily they never realised all that was possible. Time and…

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