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Thinking on Diamond

Photo copyright: Bjorn R
Photo copyright: Bjorn Rudberg

As she climbed higher Storm thought back to her last visit to Diamond. She entered that time via the portal at La Gomera. Her mission to harvest the manager of the thermal power plant. The manager had started questioning why the underground heat exchange unit had not been upgraded to a deep space solar unit. Neither the manager or Storm had known that the company was secretly using the the plants power to develope a much deeper underground layer called Painite. When Storm next saw Claudine, she noticed that the managers eyes had changed from pale blue to orange.

Footnote: When I saw this week’s prompt it reminded me of a road that I once used in La Gomera. La Gomera is one of the Canary Islands.

Mike prior to his visit to the barbers.
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    1. Hi yarnspinnerr, I do find myself playing with this story featuring Storm and Issy. As to Painite, I have an inkling that the Force organisation is in part funded by gem stones. However I am still looking for a better title to describe the new underground layer/world that the companies is constructing.

    1. Thank you James, this particular story has been brewing/developing in the back of my mind for about ten years. But it was likely birthed by a visit that I made many many years ago, to a group of ‘cave houses’ when I was around ten years of age. The houses were at that time still in use!

  1. Did anybody else notice the dramatic change in the manager’s eye colour, I wonder? Or are they all too frightened to say anything? The Force organisation sound pretty ruthless.

    1. Thank you Penny, the colour of these individuals eyes are ‘changed’ by the underground level in which they reside and work. In the longer version of this story the reason would be clear

    1. It sure is Rochelle, in a ‘much longer’ version of this tale, the reason for the eyes to change colour would become clear. Thanking you for all your continued work in maintaining FF and commenting

    1. I do hope that this story has true grow potential. For I find myself developing more and more thoughts about the underground worlds created by the Force organisation. I thank you for commenting on this story which may not be to everybody’s taste.

    1. That is true, on both accounts. I was pleased to see your picture, for it allowed me to run with my story about the Force organisation and the management of their underground domains. Thank you Björn.

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