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Just Thinking

Photo copyright: Dorothy
Photo copyright: Dorothy

As Susanna assembled sheep skin gloves, she allowed herself to day dream. Susanna had only two wishes for herself. To escape the underground world of Diamond, and to have children with Jeb whilst experiencing fresh air caressing her.

As she restitched a glove, she dreamed about sitting on a park bench on the surface of earth. Next to her sat Jeb, on his hands where finely made gloves, covered with finely stitched decorative patterns. She and Jeb were watching their children. They fine upstanding adults leaving on a expedition to resettle North America. Later in the day she and Jeb would drift on the ocean in the evening light, as they allowed their passion to overcome their inhibitions and let the evening sun play across their nakedness.

A needle pick returned her back to her life in the factory. Susanna decided, no swore, that she would never allow the Force Organisation to send her to the Reproductive Laboratory. She already knew that she would sooner drown in the canal system which served the labour compound.

Mike prior to his visit to the barbers.
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    1. About five years back I penned quite a lot of detail about the world of Diamond. I hope to redraft some of it, and use it in my attempts at Flash Fiction, so I hope your wish will come true. However my first attempts at describing the underground world of Diamond did not work out. I find myself however trying again.

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