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Photo prompt curtsy of B B
Photo prompt curtsy of Jean L Hays

Hello Mrs Gaffney, I have taken the liberty of boxing up your usual salad along with two hard boiled eggs. We have had a delivery of fresh bread and cheese, and the first of the new seasons olive oil has arrived. If you want to check out the shelves I will be boxing up your daughters usual order. Her son Jamie came in earlier, said that you was helping them out till his father gets out of jail. You know I still can’t get over his conviction. The whole town knows he is innocent.

At present I am struggling to give feedback, hopefully it is a passing phase. So I am grateful to all who read and take the time to comment.

Visiting Berlin
Visiting Berlin

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    1. Thank you Violet… When writing this story I did feel that I wanted more clarity on why he was incarcerated, but I found that I could not develope that area of the story. Perhaps one day, another prompt will open the door for me.

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