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Question Time in November

This year October has been such a busy month for me and my family. There has been little time to contemplate the arrival of November, whilst the continuing warm colours of autumn seemed to maintained a promise that winter was far away. Now that November has arrived, so far its less of a shock than expected. Yet intense cold is forecast for tomorrow, and for many this will be a real challenge.

Around the world politicians fight for power, but will they work to alleviate injustice, will they fight to bring dignity into the life of the many whom they appear to neglect. Has society forgotten how to hold our leaders to account, to campaign calmly for a balancing of the scales of fairness. Have the policians forgotten that charity is good for the soul. So politicians whilst the sun shines on you take a little of it’s warmth and pass it on to those in need.

The lack of equality can bring about resentment and drive individuals into the hands of evil. So as an individuals and part of human society we need to campaign harder for those who are neglected or denied the opportunity to live in peace and harmony with their surrounds.

Birth and fate placed us where we are, but our inner soul will dictate our finial days on earth, whether we feel remorse or peace: And whether society remembers us with affection or hate. Or even remembers us at all. If we start with a warm hand and a kind word, offer charity and strive to improve the experience of life for all, I believe we are on the right track, …

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