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A Thought Process

It just does not look right, is a comment often heard from me as I attempt to write. I am not referring to the flow of the words on the page, although I do often get that wrong too. … No it is the way individual words look on the page or a computer screen. A typical example of this is the third word in the title of this piece, ‘process’ it just does not seem correctly spelt to me. Then again the word ‘spelt’ does not look right to me either. It comes to something when someone who I know and who never had any education after the age of fourteen and now suffers with advanced dementure spells a word correctly, and I don’t! … And please do not get me talking about, there and their, or, where and were, or how to use apostrophes.

At one point I managed to obtain a place on a English degree course. The comment from a tutor when I submitted a draft assignment was, has no one ever shown you how to use full stops. My answer was no. Perhaps one day I might get round to writing about my experience of being a child at a primary school. Unfortunately the English lessons at my secondary school were even more traumatic. However I am almost sure, that all that can be said about educating children has been said before.

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