Photo prompt curtsy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo prompt curtsy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

‘I may be old but I ain’t senile. Yes old Mollys still got some life in her yet’.

‘Darling you know that I am right, you have to do it’

‘But mother, how will I live with myself’

‘Sometime darling life is cruel’.

‘I will make the call mum, I know it has to be done’.

‘Please don’t, I have lots of go in me yet. I know me legs have stopped working. Can’t you put me in one of them trolley things’.

‘Ashfield vets, how can I help’…

A fine day at Mevagissey

A fine day at Mevagissey

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  1. Fabricating Fiction/Louise Jensen

    Oh so heartbreaking!

    1. Michael Humphris

      Sorry, Louise … I set out to write about two people talking, with a third person listening to them.

  2. neilmacdon

    I don’t think Molly stands a chance

    1. Michael Humphris

      Sadly perhaps not… Thank you Neil

  3. Iain Kelly

    I do hope the photo is not where Molly ended up!

    1. Michael Humphris

      Certainly not if I have my way.

  4. Clare Hempstead

    That’s such a hard decision to make, but when you know it is for the best, has to be made. Nicely told.

    1. Michael Humphris

      A very hard decision, sadly I know that.

  5. Sandra

    I think Molly’s on her way to the rainbow bridge. Heartbreaking stuff, Michael.

    1. Michael Humphris

      It is heartbreaking when some one who is loved leaves for the rainbow bridge

  6. trentpmcd

    Poor Molly. Heartbreaking.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you Trent, heartbreaking indeed.

  7. jillyfunnell

    The last kind act we can do for our loved animals. But it’s heart-breaking.

    1. Michael Humphris

      It is heartbreaking and sad

  8. Courtney Wright

    ugh.. lost one of my puppies recently. So hard but we have to do what is best for them. I miss him so much

    1. Michael Humphris

      I am sorry to recall such a memory to mind. I have had rather a lot of four legged friends, all have a place in my heart,

    2. pensitivity101

      So sorry for your loss. We have to do what is best for them, not us, and it hurts like hell. I still feel it after over 13 years.

  9. rochellewisoff

    Dear Michael,

    Nothing worse than having to say goodbye to an old furry friend.



    1. Michael Humphris

      All my old furry friends have a special place in my heart.

  10. pensitivity101

    We have a lot of people with elderly pets around us. The dog buggy business is booming, and these dogs are still bright eyed and bushy tailed, just tired and a little stiff in their joints sometimes so can;t walk long distances. It all comes down to quality of life, though I appreciate sometimes you have to make that decision…………… we’ve done it. and more than thirteen years later it still hurts.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Sorry to stir up memories. I have found memories of the many pets who have befriend me. All remain with me in my heart.

      1. pensitivity101

        Our fur babies are always in our hearts, each makes their own special place.

        1. Michael Humphris

          Indeed they are special, very one of them.

          1. pensitivity101

            Yes, I remember them all, even from chlidhood. I will need a very deep pocket of dog biscuits when we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

          2. Michael Humphris

            A pocket filled with dog biscuits, that’s a good idea.

          3. pensitivity101

            I’ve asked that when my time comes, I’m to wear my Dad’s cardy and the pockets are to be full of dog biscuits for Rainbow Bridge.

          4. Michael Humphris

            Dads comfy cardigan is a must, as are dog biscuits. I love your choices

          5. pensitivity101

            Thanks Michael.

  11. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

    I think that it might be the end… poor dog….

    1. Michael Humphris

      Powerful friendships often develope between humans and their dogs. Memories to cherish

  12. 4963andypop

    Thats got to be one of the tougher decisions in life. We had a cat we thought wed have to put down because of diabetes. My daughter came home from school saying there wasa kid in her class with diabetes, was he going to die? That put us in our place. Turns out the cat lived another five years!

    Nice confusion of who was the one about to be “ended.”

    1. Michael Humphris

      Hard decisions are never easy. I am looking after my granddaughters cats, one of whom is quite ill. Which almost makes my story factual.

  13. Abhijit Ray

    What does mother want her daughter to do?

    1. Michael Humphris

      Mother and daughter may be discussing a very old pet,

  14. draliman

    Oh no, poor Molly 🙁

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you draliman I have know and loved many like Molly

  15. Liz Young

    So sad – my brother had to take his old dog to the vet last week – tears all round.

    1. Michael Humphris

      I am sad for him, for a loved dog becomes one of the family.

  16. Keith's Ramblings

    Off to the great kennel in the sky. A sorrowful story indeed.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Sorrowful indeed,thank you Keith

  17. michaelwynnauthor

    Heartrending when this happens, even worse when the dog is understanding everything that’s said

    1. Michael Humphris

      So true, and I swear that sometimes my dog understands me to well.

  18. Brenda's Thoughts

    Yes, one of those trolly things would be good. Oh, so sad for the family. Your dialogue is written well as always. =)

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you Brenda, I am grateful

  19. Dale

    One of those decisions that we know is best but still hurts big time.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you Dale, It doe hurt big time,

  20. Dawn M. Miller

    I like how you formatted this.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you so much Dawn

  21. JoHawkTheWriter

    Molly will live in their memories forever. Such a sad tale.

    1. Michael Humphris

      That is so true, thank you Jo

  22. Dahlia

    Heartbreaking and well written

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you so much Dahlia

  23. granonine

    Oh, how sad. Beautifully written.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you so much Linda,

  24. lisarey1990

    Very heartbreaking. Very beautifully done.

    1. Michael Humphris

      It is kind of you to say so, thank you .

  25. theministryofshrawleywalks

    How sad, poor animal. Good stuff

    1. Michael Humphris

      Glad that you felt it was good Thank you

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