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Is that me

Photo curtsy of Susan Spaulding
Photo curtsy of Susan Spaulding

Looking over Mike’s shoulder Dom was amazed to see his picture jumping out at him. “Now sir please tell me how you obtained my likeness: before I recount to you more of my adventures”.

“Well Dom, I can only think that the artist is one of those rare dream catchers that one hears about”.

“Michael that puts me in mind of a little adventure when me and Iron Paw where traveling in hostile county, I had shape shifted, I was as you saw in that dream. No one takes any notice of a donkey do they. No you don’t need to answer that”…

“As Iron Paw was taller then me, he saw the pack of black wolves first. We doubled our pace, but when wolves are hungry they can fair shift. So as we as climbed the Dark Rift Valley, the wolves where soon snapping at our heels”.

That’s when we first met her. Viva was just sat on a boulder watching. She has you know the ability to see the future, but at that point even Iron Paw did not know that. Anyway he called her to run with us, but she just smiled”…

Footnote: For those who do not know Dom and Iron Paw are characters in my unpublished novels. It is unclear if it was Iron Paw or Viva who set the avalanche in motion. It certainly stopped the black wolves in their tracks.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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