Memories in the shade.

Michelle's Snack Bar

Michelle’s Snack Bar

I am no longer an Engine Shed

I am no longer an Engine Shed

My destination is Engine Shed Lane, where Michelle awaits my order. Once there my path crosses that of my father in law’s. He worked hard here on the coaling stage. Hard work for a returning soldier, no glory here. But a wage to earn, for he’s a family to keep.

My order, a bacon butty, a cup of tea, and a seat in the shade. Easy fare for an easy day, unlike the hard fare in days of yore.

Hot is the day, but spreading leafs abound above my head casting shade as cool as ice. Beyond the shade a gently breeze  moves the grass. Then touches my face as I step out into open fields. So now a hot sun glares down on me, as cattle follow in my wake or stand chewing the cud. As I head for home reluctantly Robbie follows.

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