A bad computer day

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My Guest Blogger: my computer specialist

Blog from sheep town

Blog from sheep town via the computer.

As I woke up I could hear the sheep out of my window and the steady flow of traffic. My phone rang whilst I made my way downstairs. I thought to myself it’s seven in the morning who could be wanting to ring me at this time. It soon came apparent as I picked up the phone it was my grandad. ” Daniel my computer has crashed and I need to upload my blog today, what will I do.” He sounded desperate so I decided to help him. ” Don’t worry I’ll be round as soon as I can.”         I rushed upstairs, dressed, then sped to the bus stop. Arriving at grandads I could see he was in a panic. He showed me the computer and straight away I spotted the charging cable just laying there lifelessly. ” grandad!! You forgot to plug in the charger. ” ” oops. ” he said.

This blog was done by a guest blogger, my grandson, Daniel

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