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Riding Trains

At Keighley and Worth Valley

Another day of riding trains, this time on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, very atmospheric, a really good experience. A well staffed railway that knows how to look after its customers. The valley was looking lush, with vigorous plant growth all around. Yet three young heifers chose the railways with it’s embankment of long grass over the shorter grass of nearby fields. Resulting in the train slowing to a walking pace on a uphill section, no doubt causing the locomotive driver to rise his eye brows. After the cattle moved out of the way we regained normal operating speed without any wheel slippage, despite the wet rails and uphill track. Nostalgia on all sides, well done the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

LMS 4F at Oxenhope

We followed our rail journey by traveling to have lunch at Burnsall and then taking a gentle drive around the dales. This afternoon the dales roads were extremely quiet, just fabulous, we were able to take our time and really enjoy the scenery. Scenery which was a riot of colour with greens of all shades. Due to the lack of vehicles on the dales roads today, I decided to travelled along the back road to Storiths, a really beautiful stretch of single track road, which contains a ford, which today was nearly a raging torrent. It having rained quite heavily for much of the day, however for us this only added to the spectacle, with rolling banks of cloud and hanging mists hugging the hill sides much of the time: and with the sound of the river Wharfe bubbling in our ears. Just great.

An old warrior at Bolton Abbey
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