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Hey lad what are you doing

Photocopy right: D
Photocopy right: Dale Rogerson.

Hey lad, I asked you where be you going. Tim stopped swimming and looked around for the source of this new voice. Much to Tims concern a rather hairy elongated dogfish was staring at him. The creature smiled at him, and in a cold voice, suggested that Tim should follow him into a bank of seaweed. Reluctantly Tim followed his new friend Malcom. After what seemed an eternity the forest of seaweed gave way to a clearing, in the midst of which rested a rather hungry shark. The DT’s had a real bite today for Tim.

Footnote: DTs = Delirium Tremens.

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    1. Thank you Rochelle. Tim is a new character who I created yesterday: then he was a child in my post to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. His childhood adventure was called ‘The Strid on the Wharfe’

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