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Copyright Rochelle
Copyright Rochelle

The purest blue sharply defines the mountains, cascading down to Derwentwater.
Luxuriating in gentle sunlight.

I am cooled by pure air from the lake.

I see stark rock faces breaking the burgeoning green of May.

Ancient tracks slither, guiding shepherds, fell walkers and even day trippers.

Yet who see’s the shimmering water through dappled leafs.

As the mellow warmth calls out relax.

Whilst geese call their young to hand and idle craft bob at anchor.

Silhouettes of pleasure on steel blue Derwentwater.



At present I am taking a short break on the shores of Derwentwater in the English Lakes. The above poem? was penned yesterday, so it seemed only appropriate to use it for today’s prompt.

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  1. I see the watercolour. If I may suggest, I’d be tempted to take out some of the adjectives – particularly burgeoning and mellow – less is often more

    1. Neil’s advise was right, it was a fabulous sunny day when I wrote this piece. When I saw the prompt, I very nearly wrote about slipping under the water, but I did not want to bury the joy of Lakeland retreat.

  2. While I make no claim to know aught of poetry, I enjoyed this, and do not agree with my admittedly more learned friends above.
    But please don’t tell Rochelle!

  3. I thought you had concocted Derwentwater as “the Big Pond” is between you and me in America. Very nice poetry and a great coincidence that you could use it today!

  4. This was lovely indeed! Adjective away! (like my turning it into a verb?) You might want to lose the apostrophe on sees, though… 😉

  5. I was planning on returning one day as a seagull and living in Dorset (all those cream teas) but think I’ll change that to a goose on Derwentwater. Loverly!

    1. I am envious. When at Coniston I love to visit Brantwood the former home of John Ruskin. Last time I was there they also had a cafe and some interesting art in the Gallery. Then there is the steam yacht Gondola

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