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Two girls travelling

Photo prompt by Carla Bicomong
Photo prompt by Carla Bicomong

After stopping off in Arabia to shop, Marge and Cheryl flew to India to attend several festivals.

“Well Marge what do you think so far to our travels”.

“Not a lot Cheryl, so far we have spent plenty, yet the guys have been slow on the uptake”.

“ Well girl lets be up and away to find gold in Australia”.

“amen to that Marge”.

At Mumbai Cheryl looked back at the iconic stone arch; and wondered about Elephanta Island and it’s Hindu god Shiva”. Seeing so much damage and pollution, it was soul destroying.

“Let’s go girl”.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. You’re cutting right to the point, Michael, perfectly ironic. With the way so many of us behave, thoughtless and selfish, we cause much of the misery we pity later.

    1. I was sadden but not surprised to see videos of the pollution. My Marge is in her forty’s and loves gold trinkets. My Marge says hello to her namesake, but hopes that they are not twins.

  2. We learned so much about these girls through their dialogue. Well done! And the mention of Mumbai and Elephanta Island brought back many memories of my travel there. Thank you, Michael!

    1. I my one and only visit to India , I sadly did not visit Mumbai… Elephanta Island would have fascinated me, but now I doubt that I would cope with the pollution. Even twenty plus years ago the pollution in Colombo Sri Lanka had a detrimental effect on me. However I found the rest of Sri Lanka a place of great beauty.

    1. Until now I have rarely used dialogue. Which is sad, as I have learnt quite a lot from the feedback received, now I am using dialogue. I do appreciate the time you use to give feedback, thank you Rochelle

    1. Now that’s a great question Dale; I have a suspicion that they have fallen across some ill-gotten gains. I have had some different and useful comments since using more dialogue. Which has challenged the story pathway that I had for this pair of characters. I am now quite interested in how this story grows, depending on an appropriate prompt picture

  3. I wonder why Marge and Cheryl travelled to India, as they don’t seem the least bit interested in the culture. Perhaps Austrlia will appeal to them more.

  4. Having lived in India for a number of years, I can relate to the pollution issue. The people were wonderful but the pollution was detrimental to my health. We also lived in Australia for a time (in a couple locations) … India & Australia … two different worlds. Hope Marge and Cheryl can take away some good from their visit to India, hope they find some gold in Australia to cover their trip expenses. Great dialogue as always! =)

    1. I have only spent a short time in India and loved what I saw, excepting for the pollution and dire poverty. Sadly I don’t think that I will get to Australia. I am learning that using dialogue can add substance to flash fiction. Thank you Brenda

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