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An overheard conversation

Photo curtsy of R Bultot

Are you saying that meteorologists are wrong about global warming.
No … however their long term predictions are wrong.
The planets temperature has been controlled for millennia by a force beyond our understanding. Nature has always encouraged fluctuations in temperature. However each rise in temperature is handled by a corresponding force which drops the planet temperature. If we are foolish enough to interfere, we risk creating a prolonged ice age. Lowering the global temperature could lead to snow in July, followed by year round snowfall, ice formation and so glaciers. Need I say more…

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  1. Tricksy thing that nature. In fact, we should have been due for an epoch of natural cooling had we not messed with the thermostat. But, sadly, it won’t and hasn’t offset the carbon we’ve been pumping out for 200 years

  2. Dear Michael,

    Too bad humans can’t leave things as they’re supposed to be and work with the environment.



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