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Dark Matters

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You are in trouble when the teacher says, “leave this classroom and spend your time in the library, looking at pictures”. Fifty years later I managed to get a degree in creative writing.

Being at school as a child was a frustrating time. No one had heard about dyslexia. Many teachers tried hard to help me. If I could: I would send them a copy of my degree. For the magic of time allowed me to succeed.
Yet sadly schools still fail to understand the hidden magic in some of their charges. Allowing children to wilt as many flowers do in winter.

Writer at Work
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  1. II have great sympathy for the overworked teachers in overcrowded classrooms – it is inevitable that some will get left behind, until a better system can be found.

  2. One of my friends has dyslexia and she described the heartaches and the efforts it took for her to accommodate the way she saw letters, words, numbers, etc. to be able to read and write. I would hope that a teacher’s first priority is to recognize the strengths in the student and help them overcome any barriers. I just don’t know how they can do it well with so many students in the classroom. Good story, Michael, on an important topic.

  3. Dear Michael,

    I have a dear friend who grew up thinking she was stupid. Always put in the remedial reading group. It turns out she’s dyslexic and far from stupid. Nicely done.



  4. I’d like to think things are better now than they were when I was a schoolkid. The bright youngsters were encouraged and the rest of us just tried to keep up – I left at 16 without a single qualification. I didn’t let it stop me from chasing my dreams though – nor you!

  5. Michael, you really touched my teacher-heart with this one. I worked with teens whose dyslexia and/or other learning disabilities had been overlooked/misunderstood for years. Always exciting to see progress!

    1. It is great that you worked with teens to assist them cope with learning problems. After seeing my problematic time at school, my mother took up teacher training. I still find it sad that some children do not find it easy to blend in with the English style of education. Thoughout life I found strategies to manage my difficultly. Going for a university education at 57 was challenging but also very rewarding. I wanted to go on and try taking a Masters degree. Frustratingly a differing illness put pay to that. However for me being part of the Friday Fictioneers group is however rather like being back at Bradford university, challenging but very rewarding. Mike

  6. I’m so sorry you had a rough start in school. Good for you in persevering. My brother and sister both struggled with dyslexia with other issues throughout school but went on to achieve higher degrees. There is more awareness today but it is still difficult with a broken system, too many students per teacher.

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