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A report on the earthlings

Prompt curtsy of Jan Wayne Field

Few saw it coming, those who predicted a catastrophe, could do nothing to prevent it. It was time to leave planet earth. In fact it was a case of go, or die. Planet earth became a human free zone.

Humanity was forcibly spread around the universe. Most ended up working underground on Diamond. Perhaps for those of you who are not familiar with the Diamond planet, I should offer the opportunity to take a brief glimpse into one of the many earthling dormitory blocks that pepper Diamond… Dark unsavoury squalid islands, yet seeded with hope. Need I say more…

A report on the earthlings by the dragon lord
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  1. There is, in fact, a diamond planet somewhere in this universe. Only problem – completely uninhabitable due to CO and CO2 atmosphere and gasoline rainfall. Very imaginative take, Michael.

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