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I am Tunlit

l am a Tunlit called Nootlin and I am dying. Some once called my people Skrealing. Of my people only the child Nuvuk lives, the eagle told me that when I asked him. He told me also that Nuvuk will lead many people back to the land of snow, once the Chachat has been defeated. The being I call the Chachat and you call Adrasteia came from the sky with the last of the tronkyin. We did not know she was a killer, till we saw the blue snow she made which sent all it touched to sleep. The  blue snow has marked me and so I will die soon, even the eagle cannot undo that. The eagle says he can find no one alive at my land of snow. Only those who lived under the water survived along with those bears who had taken a den to give birth. Fortunately most animals had gone south to escape the snow that takes their food, I hope that some have survived and will one day return to my land.

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