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The Testimony of Unna

We thought at first she who came within the ship was Frija, for her halo of deep blue indicated to us that she had sailed in on the waves of the ocean. We knew that she must be of the gods, for she was able to sail across the sky. Many went to give respect to her when she landed at Novgorod. They were the first to die when the air turned blue and the Niohoggr came out to do her bidding. As for me I took to my ship and left as fast as I could. I left on the river Vychegdr and prayed to Odin that the river would freeze behind me, but it did not. Had not the Eagle of Velchanos rescued me and my crew, and carried us to the Stone Man. I would have been taken by the corpse eater Niohoggr who knows only malice. So say I Unna.

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