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A Tainted Lady Smiles.

A plain beauty, tall, observant, a woman that you might wish to meet. I looked her way, a smile passed, the coffee was good, the conversation too. A brief meeting, the impact long. The fracture deep. Turning her from life. Where to begin, Broadcasting vitality, broadcasting danger.

My normality is endangered, I concentrate hard. Careful thoughts are called for now. For she lives in another world, another place. A drifting hell, full of risks, clouded by uncertainty, false paths, broken links, changing shapes, drifting thoughts. Caution stilts my thoughts, then stilts my words.

I try to break the contact but she pulls me in. We seesaw between her fear and mine. Gifts she offers, so much insight, so alert, yet tainted. I know a poison cure, conversation deep. Innocently she took the bait. Her fame came quickly, they had her now, in the network, in the can. She lost control and the whole world knew. No anonymity now, just poisonous vibes.

Compounded by neuroleptics, isolated, different, so that now society turned its back. She smiled and walked away.


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