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Joan walked tall: swinging.

Don’t do it, don’t do it.

She walked by, in full swing.

Do it, Do it: Did they know?


They come and they see,

Do they know? Don’t do it.

She felt the fear in full swing.

I see it; I see it. Do it.


We called to her, and we see her.

We called aloud don’t do it.

But she felt no fear now, do it

If they see it, they see it.


If I can do it,, No:

If I can do it, Yes:

She felt empowered.

What if they see it, don’t matter.


With a swing, with a swagger

I will do it, I WILL DO IT.

She was empowered to do it

So they will see it.


Now they will run,

Now they come running,

With a swing and a swagger.

To gather up Joan, she has done it.


I did it, broke it with a swing.

Did I do it? Was ‘it me?

Did I break it, was not me.

Needle sharp. Breaks me.

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