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Stone Age Man

Ilkley night sky
Photo copyright CEAYR

You may call me a Stone Age man as I look at the night sky on Ilkley moor bar t’at. I have left many warning signs, I hope you take note of them. For I did see a swirling blue giant, which became strong in the night sky.

She was powerful in the darkness of the night, shining deadly bright. Many built temples throughout the earth to her majesty. My simple marks may have faded and been covered by nature. But they may yet be seen again, if she crosses the earth and burns again in the night sky.


Foot Notes

The dialect song “On ilkla moor baht’at” is often thought of as Yorkshires unofficial anthem and can be sung to the hymn tune Cranbrook. The song has elements of love followed by death and reincarnation.

Ilkley Moor has many ancient stone carvings each of a swirling nature. Stone Age Man is my take on why these carving came to be made.



[Follow up to the Stone Age Man]

Yes she may at first amaze you, even wow you. That iridescent blue of her skin may seem to welcome, but flee whilst you can. Do not say that I did not warn you. For now that she is with you, death will travel across right across the realm. Even the clouds will flee, whilst the waters of the earth will return to Osiris. When Adrasteia releases her own iridescent blue cloud, all must first kneel before her, then fall prostrate on to the earth. Then her minions will come forth and harvest.

You may not wish to believe me, but I was one of the few who survived her first visit. She devoured every city of our world in order to feed, even powerful Atlantis would fall beneath her.  My friend Apollonius called her a foundling of the gods. My name, it does not matter, but I am the father of Benjamin and my story can be found within the story of my son known as Benjamin Blue.

When Adrasteia first arrived those who could, hurried to see her majesty. They thought that she was the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen. But I could not go with them as my wife was dying after the birth of Benjamin our first child.

When the clouds of blue gas started to come forth from Adrastiea I saw this from my home on the hill, and I saw what happened when it reached people. So I ran, yes I ran as fast as my legs would carry me and my new born son. I did not even stop to bury my wife, “god forgive me”, for I had seen what came forth from the abdomen of the goddess, things so hard to discribe, shaped like slugs yet with fins like fish. Fins which allowed them to swim within the deep blue liquid gas that now spewed forth from Adrasteia’s belly. The queen had started on her mission to change the earths atmosphere and so give life to her spawn. It was the spawn of Satan.

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    1. A voice from deepest antiquity, talking today. That is how I see Ilkley Moors and much of the landscape around me.

      Years ago I developed two novels on this theme. Your comments have encouraged me to revisit them. Thank you. Mike

    1. Thank you, spicedmullings. Sadly! This prompt by CEAYR has led me to write five testimonies to the visitation by the blue spaceship? The way things are going I can see more testomies arriving, along with the tale of Stone Age Man and his son Benjamin Blue.

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