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The Soft Taste of Spring

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Photo copyrighted: Pamula S Canepa

He loved the wild wind and would open his mouth wide and roar with the wind, but one day when he was drawing in a large breath to roar he swallowed a sparrow. Now Douglas was a dragon who was also a vegetarian. As he did not fancy roasted sparrow, he turned his furnace off. Then he exhaled as hard as he could, but only a single feather appeared.

So he prepared to draw in a huge breath and try and flush the sparrow out, but then another sparrow arrived. She asked if he had seen her son Robin. Now Douglas did not want to upset the boys mother; however her son was tickling his stomach.

Douglas started to feel sick, his face turned pale, he belched. Then a huge grin appeared on his face, as her son reappeared. Though the sparrows mother scowled him, for her son now had a red breast.  From that day on all cheeky young sparrows would be told the tale of how the first Robin arrived.



I am not totally happy with the following sentence [Then a huge grin appeared on his face, as her son reappeared] any thoughts on this would be welcome. [it is the word reappeared that feels wrong to me]. I was tempted to rewrite and lengthen the sentence, but that would have taken me over the word limit.

This week my story has a rather tentative link to the prompt picture, I saw the prompt as being what the dragon could see from his lair!


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  1. LOL! I love this story Mike! I think the reason you have a problem with the word reappeared may be because the words appeared and reappeared are used in the same sentence. It sounds completely appropriate to me. Great story!

    1. Thank you PJ, I originally wrote this story in a note book, when I came to type it up, I had left the note book at home. So the version posted here is somewhat different. Perhaps I smiled more as I penned the first version, for I enjoyed writing it.

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