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Politics of Fear

Copyright Rich Voza
Photo Copyright Rich Voza


Calling all passengers for flight A19

Excuse me sir is this the plane to the USA? Certainly.

Your Name? Friday.

From? England.

Reason for travel? To escape the toxic politics.

Visa? It’s stamped. By whom? Me.

It says here that your an alien. Certainly, who do you think caused the toxic politics.

May I ask why you chose to travel with USA airlines?

My space ship is broken.

Any luggage Friday?  None. Is that so? Yes it’s all in my head. How come? Don’t you know me, I am a Fictioneer.

Welcome aboard. Friday.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Got it. Really got it! Of all the stuff I have had read over the years on these blogs, Michael, this is certainly one of he best! Who knew what a Friday Fictioneer was anyway?

    Five out of five Rochelles. 😉

    1. It was rather mixed up. I really had aimed to say something serious about the state of politics here and perhaps in America. But could not latch onto anything that I was happy with. So chickened out.
      So well done will really do for me. Thank you. Mike

  2. Nothing like travelling light – keep it all in your head!

    I’m glad voting day is finally here. I’ve almost forgotten what we’re voting for – I was thinking of voting for the side which was the least annoying and scaremongering but it ended up a dead heat.

  3. Interesting pun with the name: including Friday Fictioneers AND alluding to Robinson Curusoe. My advice to Friday would be that USA is NOT the place to come if you want to escape toxic politics.

    1. Thank you Rochelle. I have a tendency to always post my first response to a prompt. In an attempt to avoid making large scale alterations. I was pleased with the main theme of this piece, but yet I am not content with the the totality of it.

  4. Hilarious, Michael. We are frequent travelers as Friday Fictioneers aren’t we. This is the only kind of traveling I enjoy these days. I agree that the U.S. is the wrong place to escape politics. I can hardly wait to see what happens at the Republican Convention this year. It’s usually the quiet one but not this year. Well written. from one alien to another. 😀 — Suzanne

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