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Out Walking

Photo curtsy of Fandango
Photo curtsy of Fandango

Just another day, with the sun shining and Jack in a happy mood it was a pleasure to be out walking, so why am I getting uneasy. The trouble is the path we are following has a awful lot of forks. So far we have taken the left forks, but slowly the hedges are getting higher. There is a strong fence in the centre of each hedge and with a hedge on each side of us it is beginning to feel like we are trapped. The labyrinth is supposed to have an exit. So why do I feel a sense of menace. Mazes are supposed to be fun, so why is the hair on Jacks back lifted. Jack has started growling, and I fear for our sanity. The sun has faded as the hedge grows thicker and higher. My imagination is running away with me, but why is the hedge slowly arching over us. I am now feeling that it was a stupid idea of mine to bring Jack into this complex network of paths. Now I want out, so perhaps I should turn right. And follow the March Hare…

I do appreciate all the feedback I receive. Particularly as I find it challenging to give feedback myself. Now WordPress seems to be adding to that challenge by demanding that I complete more details. Sometimes I feel like I am following Alice into a maze

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. WP just made another change… color comments… it’s blue now – used to be pink. Seems harder to distinguish with the grey as it doesn’t contrast well. WP made me take a survey – which I hope stops their badgering of wanting me to do more (upgrade)… As I answered that I am not a fan of social media at all.

    The best Change WP can make is to stop making unnecessary changes. Yes, navigation via the WWW can be frustrating. But our friends can help us out. I don’t use Icons to connect to sites since mine won’t go where I want it either. So one way I return visits is via prompt links. But as you do not include a WP address (in my email notice) a link to your post would be nice, but not necessary. I do my best to return visits.

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