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Five Dog Tails

Four Tables and Five chatty dogs.

Chatter time for the dogs
Chatter time for dogs

The dog who looked like a Reindeer:

My name, it is Robbie, I am a farm collie but sometimes I’m called Reindeer. I was born high on Silden moor in the spring of 2008. Whilst I was a nipper mother had a bed near the kitchen fire, next to old Seth. After mother fed me, I would listen to Seth and his stories from around the world. I recall one that must have drifted deep into my memory, about a Reindeer called Rudolf who went north to find Christmas. Now you know I love chasing sticks, and when carrying a forked stick in the winter snow, I must look a little like a Reindeer. For old Seth laughed and called me a darned Reindeer.

The dog who loves Boats:

My nick name is Pirate, I am a Parson’s terrier, and I sometimes wish I was a cat, so that I could avoid going out in the rain. I was born in the great flood of 2015. My mother had to carry me and my sisters from our den in the cellar up two flights of stairs. I was the last one to be carried up the stairs, the flood water had already covered most of me, mother says she could see only my nose. Anyway she grabbed me and carried me to safety. I was going to be called Timothy, but due to my escape from the flood, I became known as Lucky, but I prefer Pirate. For these days my master takes me with him when he goes deep sea fishing, and I love messing about in boats despite the spray.

The Travellers:

My name is Meeka and I and my brother Neeka are travellers. We have travelled half way round the world, when we were young we lived on the veldt, a vast plain of tall grass and wild flowers. One day we were chased by a pack of hyena’s. Mum and dad came so fast, then we saw what we were meant to be. The hyena’s were fast but mum and dad were faster, the hyena’s broke and ran. We were scolded and shaken by dad. That day we realised we would become powerful hunters, but you are safe. Mother taught us how to behave.

My name is Archie:

I live on a farm near here, but I often escape and roam far afield. I think that I would like the veldt, but I know a great place to hide and rest up on Kildwick moors. Hidden in the ferns I can watch those who come to feed or just play. I lay so still that even the deers don’t see me. Sometimes I will chase them or the rabbits. They twist and turn so, such fun I have chasing them and then going to cool off in the river Aire. Well it was nice meeting you, it looks like my master is off. If you should have occasion to be on Kildwick moor, please give me a call. Be seeing you.

I will be off now too, says Pirate, as he starts to shepherd his pair of humans, now that they have finally finished their coffee. Then as Meeka and Neeka get up to leave, Robbie wonders whether he will get to walk home, for there’s usually several places for a dog to find sticks on the route home across the fields. Bye for now Robbie.


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