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Filleting Skin Heads

Photo copyright: Y
Photo copyright: Yinglan

Such a glorious day, it did not seem right to be indoors sharpening knifes and filleting fish. We all agreed that as soon as college finished we would go for a swim. Four pm found us taking the narrow back streets to Blackpools main beach. We must have looked like any other group of local lads, with our neatly rolled towels underarm. When we were half way down Back Market St, a gang of drunken lads holidaying in our town appeared at the end of the street. There knuckledusters and bike chains glittering in the evening sunlight. If we ran some of us were going to take a pasting. Most of us froze. Then Dave spoke up, ‘lads we will give them hell – remember what’s in your towels – take hold of your best filleting knife – we have a job to do – boning Skin Heads. Knifes out. Charge.

Tonight I am not taking the tram home, instead I am sitting in a police cell.

Michael Humphris.

Footnote: when I saw the prompt picture two stories came to mind straight away. This story is however not fiction. The fight did occour in September 1965. Only the last line is incorrect. As I did get to take the tram, with a large bottle of cider in hand.

Ps No Skin Heads were hurt in the production of this story, as they turned a ran when our razor sharp knifes appeared. I hate to think what might have occoured had they not run.

In the 1960s Wakes holidays were still taken in northern England. The lads from one northern city had a reputation for fighting if they had had to much alcohol. They were out for a bit of sport with us, knucledusters and bike chains were often used. But I do not recall knifes being used.

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  1. Note to self: never tangle with guys who were just filleting fish! Good on you for making the hooligans turn and run for it. Great story!

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