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Byers Green

Rosebay willowherb
Rosebay willowherb [sadly not at Byers Green]
Rustic fields hiding behind rosebay willowherb, golden ears of corn drifting in the breeze, improvised greenhouses, humble potting sheds, all merge into the landscape. Byers Green with its scattered terraces is the place to be today. So many skills on display, from electronics to carpentry, simple pleasures mingle in the garden. Throw in a plentiful supply of tea, along with freshly cooked plate meat pies and an array of fine cakes, add in a glass or two of Primm’s, and all is well. Seats are found as the conversation flows, almost unnoticed the model trains appear. The ladies smile and return to more important things, whilst the gentlemen, dream and scheme. What a garden, what an event.

My thanks to Dave for the lift, and to Alan and family who hosted the event. Sadly I do not have any photo’s to offer, for as is all to often the case, I forgot to take my camera with me.

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