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Language of Humanity

Myself I enjoy studying how over the last three millennia, differing races have attempted to convey the spoken language. Whether from one of the many formats seen, from carving symbols on wood or in stone, or the many fine illustrations and painting that that appear throughout the world. And from Egyptian hieroglyphs, pictograms and Viking runes to early hand writen books and onwards to the mass produced books, photographs, films and printed leaflets. Hand bills to Invoices, personal letters to diaries, memorial stones to memoirs, all offer insights to human activity.

Seen on a Tombstone in Colne Lancashire … ————

Today though the world of digital technology, increasing numbers of us are able to record how we see the world along with our dreams for the future. Communicating through the writen word or through images has never been easier. Increasingly through mobile phones and the computer the flow of language appears to increase daily, yet no one individual can read all this chatter. The sheer wealth of material may in time, itself defeat the access given by modern technology.

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